IDEA Transcriptions

This research team of textual scholars, archival researchers, linguists, and philologists develops rigorous transcriptions of Isabella d’Este’s manuscript correspondence for use in the Manuscripts Platform and other IDEA projects.

Within the IDEA Letters Platform, initials appearing in square brackets at the bottom of each transcription refer to the principal transcriber of the document. Following the initials of the principal transcriber there may also appear the initials of revisers who have collaborated with the transcriber to add necessary corrections or to complete undeciphered passages from the manuscript.

Undeciphered passages are otherwise signaled in the transcriptions by an ellipses enclosed within square brackets ([…]). The transcription of manuscripts is a complex task, and collaborative work is often fundamental to the achievement of accurate results.

To inquire about collaboration with this group or to propose transcriptions you would like to contribute to the project, please contact Deanna Shemek.